15 Endorsements for ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ by RFK Jr.

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In a world filled with conflicting narratives, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. presents a thought-provoking and controversial perspective on Dr. Anthony Fauci in his book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

With endorsements from prominent figures and experts across various fields, this eye-opening exposé delves into the alleged lies, corruption, and stifled debates surrounding Fauci and his impact on biomedical science.

Let’s explore 15 endorsements and revelations that make this book a must-read for those seeking a deeper understanding of the pandemic and its aftermath:

1. A Nobel Laureate’s Perspective

“Dr. Joseph Goebbels wrote that ‘A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told
a thousand times becomes the truth.’ Tragically for humanity, there are
many, many untruths emanating from Fauci and his minions. RFK Jr.
exposes the decades of lies.”

—Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate
  • Renowned Nobel laureate, Luc Montagnier, acknowledges the importance of RFK Jr.’s book, emphasizing the decades of alleged untruths emanating from Fauci and his supporters. This endorsement sets the stage for a critical examination of the narrative surrounding the renowned doctor.

2. Praise from Tucker Carlson

“Bobby Kennedy is one of the bravest and most uncompromisingly honest
people I’ve ever met. Someday he’ll get credit for it. In the meantime, read
this book.”

—Tucker Carlson
  • Tucker Carlson, known for his insightful commentary, commends RFK Jr.’s bravery and uncompromising honesty, encouraging readers to explore the book’s contents and form their own conclusions. This endorsement highlights the significance of diverse perspectives in the current discourse.

3. Challenging Fear-Based Manipulation

“Throughout history, fear has been used to manipulate and control
populations. In a democracy, we have the privilege and responsibility to
question the things we are encouraged to fear. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
provides something denied to most Americans in recent years: the
opportunity to hear more than one perspective. You can accept or reject the
new information in this book—but at least listen.”

—Gavin de Becker, bestselling author of The Gift of Fear
  • Bestselling author Gavin de Becker emphasizes the value of questioning what we are encouraged to fear, asserting that RFK Jr.’s book provides an opportunity to hear multiple perspectives. The endorsement underscores the importance of open-mindedness and critical thinking.

4. A Fighter for Justice

“As a trial lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has taken on the world’s most
powerful corporations and held them accountable for harming people and
the environment. Those companies denied any wrongdoing—but time and
again, judges and juries were persuaded that Kennedy’s position was the
right one. [His] information should always be considered, and agree or
disagree, we all learn from listening.”

—Tony Robbins, bestselling author
  • Tony Robbins, a bestselling author and motivational speaker, acknowledges Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s track record as a trial lawyer holding powerful corporations accountable. This endorsement highlights RFK Jr.’s relentless pursuit of truth and justice, making his information invaluable for readers.

5. A Differing Opinion

“Bobby Kennedy and I famously disagree about many aspects of the current
debates surrounding Covid and vaccines. We also disagree about Dr Fauci.
But I always learn when I read or hear Bobby’s take. So read this book and
challenge its conclusions.”

—Alan Dershowitz
  • Alan Dershowitz, renowned lawyer and legal scholar, acknowledges his disagreements with RFK Jr., particularly regarding COVID and vaccines. Nevertheless, he recommends reading the book to challenge preconceptions and engage in meaningful dialogue.

6. Unveiling the Truth

“Kennedy’s book proves beyond a shadow of doubt what many Americans
have come to learn about Fauci: that he has stifled open debate to the point
of utter stagnation of biomedical science.”

—James Lyons-Weiler, biomedical research scientist
  • Biomedical research scientist James Lyons-Weiler emphasizes the importance of RFK Jr.’s book in shedding light on alleged stifled debates and the stagnation of biomedical science under Fauci’s leadership. This endorsement suggests that the book exposes critical information for readers to consider.

7. A Revealing Deep Dive

“If you’ve ever wondered why so many good scientists and doctors have
been silenced for discoveries that don’t fit the mainstream Big Pharma
narrative, look no further than Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s tour de force exposé
of Anthony Fauci.”

—Christiane Northrup, MD, former assistant clinical professor of
Ob/Gyn, University of Vermont College of Medicine
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup, former assistant clinical professor, recognizes RFK Jr.’s book as a must-read for understanding the suppression of scientists and doctors whose discoveries challenge mainstream narratives. This endorsement points to the book’s revelations about the connections between influential players and the pursuit of global control.

8. Insights from an Insider

“I thought I understood what was going on from an insider POV . . . But
what this book clearly documents are the deeper forces and systemic,
pervasive governmental corruption, that have led us to this point. . . .”

—Robert W. Malone, MD, virologist, immunologist, molecular biologist
  • Dr. Robert W. Malone, a respected virologist, immunologist, and molecular biologist, acknowledges the book’s documentation of deeper forces and systemic corruption within government institutions. This endorsement highlights the book’s potential to unveil the hidden realities behind current events.

9. Exposing Corruption

“If you have any interest in doing a deep dive into the more than 100-year
history of what led up to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Real Anthony Fauci
is an absolute must-read. In addition to exposing Fauci, the book reveals the
complex web of connections between Gates and Big Pharma and many of
the most important players that were responsible for seeking to implement
global tyranny and profit enormously from the propaganda behind the
COVID injections, masks, and lockdowns.”

—Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola.com
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola.com, highlights the book’s role in exposing Fauci and the connections between Gates, Big Pharma, and the propaganda surrounding COVID measures. This endorsement suggests that the book reveals the intricate web of interests driving the pandemic response.

10. A Shocking Tale

“It is impossible to read Kennedy’s book on Anthony Fauci without your
jaw dropping to the floor. . . . It is a shocking tale of greed, corruption, and
malpractice at the highest levels of government. Once Americans wake up
from their hopefully brief infatuation with medical tyranny, this little Josef
Stalin of medicine will go down in history as the country’s most corrupt
government servant.”

—Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider, actor and comedian, describes RFK Jr.’s book as a shocking tale of greed, corruption, and malpractice within the highest levels of government. Schneider asserts that this exposé will ultimately uncover Fauci’s alleged role as a corrupt government servant.

11. Revealing the Astonishing Truth: Oliver Stone’s Perspective

“RFK Jr.’s story of Fauci’s failure as the government’s AIDS coordinator is
a highly disturbing prologue to his COVID mandate as head of NIAID. So,
who is Dr. Fauci in the end? Has American medicine truly become a
‘racket,’ as corrupt as a mafia organization? . . . RFK Jr. has written a
strong, strong book.”

Oliver Stone, award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Award-winning director, producer, and screenwriter Oliver Stone reflects on the disturbing prologue of Dr. Fauci’s failure as the government’s AIDS coordinator, shedding light on the implications for his role in the COVID-19 mandate.

12. Calling for Criminal Investigation: Mike Campi’s Insights

“As I read Kennedy’s book I thought a discreet and thorough criminal
investigation into Fauci should occur. . . . It brought back memories of
criminal bid-rigging schemes conducted by Organized Crime.”

—Mike Campi, former FBI agent and retired coordinator of the Organized
Crime branch of the New York Division
  • Former FBI agent and retired coordinator of the Organized Crime branch of the New York Division, Mike Campi, shares his perspective on the need for a thorough criminal investigation into Dr. Fauci’s actions, drawing parallels to criminal bid-rigging schemes conducted by Organized Crime.

13. Championing Medical Choices: Naomi Wolf’s Support

“RFK Jr. is a tireless champion of Americans’ rights to be informed about
their medical choices and has been way out front in warning us of the
dangers of an out-of-control pharmaceutical industry.”

—Naomi Wolf, bestselling author The Beauty Myth, Give Me Liberty, and
  • Bestselling author Naomi Wolf recognizes RFK Jr. as a tireless champion of Americans’ rights to be informed about their medical choices, emphasizing the importance of challenging an out-of-control pharmaceutical industry.

14. Disturbing Revelations: Randy Jackson’s Perspective

“The revelations in this book are disturbing and shocking, exposing how
our political system and government agencies can be compromised, and
how the mainstream media are being used to manipulate and control our
everyday existence. . . .”

—Randy Jackson, award-winning musician and producer
  • Award-winning musician and producer Randy Jackson reflects on the disturbing and shocking revelations presented in the book, exposing how political systems, government agencies, and mainstream media can be compromised to manipulate and control everyday existence.

15. Demanding Accountability: Mike Adams’ Call for Prosecutions

“[T]his book unveils the astonishing, twisted truth about a man (Fauci) and
a corrupt institution (NIH) that have betrayed humanity at every turn in
order to achieve profits and power. If the American people knew the truth
that’s documented here, they would be marching by the millions,
demanding criminal prosecutions of all those who are complicit.”

—Mike Adams, founder of NaturalNews.com
  • Founder of NaturalNews.com, Mike Adams emphasizes the importance of the astonishing truth revealed in RFK Jr.’s book. He calls for the American people to wake up and demand criminal prosecutions of all those complicit in betraying humanity for profits and power.

Uncover the Truth: Empower Yourself with The Real Anthony Fauci

“The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. provides readers with a platform to explore a different perspective on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the pandemic.

Endorsements from notable figures across various fields underscore the importance of considering multiple viewpoints and challenging established narratives.

By delving into the revelations presented in this book, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the alleged corruption, stifled debates, and manipulation that have shaped recent events.

Whether you agree or disagree, “The Real Anthony Fauci” offers a thought-provoking journey that invites critical thinking and fosters informed discussions. If you’re eager to uncover a different side of the story, this book is a must-read.

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