CanAm Missing: Unraveling the Enigma of Missing Persons

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CanAm Missing is a dedicated group comprising retired police officers, search and rescue experts (SAR), and other professionals committed to comprehensive research, on-site investigation, and deep understanding of the challenges surrounding missing individuals in the wilderness of North America.

Dissatisfied with the conventional approach, which often results in cases remaining unresolved after the initial search and rescue efforts, CanAm Missing seeks to change the paradigm and shed light on these perplexing mysteries.

The Evolution of the Project:

What began as a meeting with park rangers gradually transformed into an extensive study focusing on people who mysteriously vanished in the wild, often under highly unusual circumstances.

Through analyzing numerous search and rescue reports and engaging with victims’ families, CanAm Missing discovered a recurring belief among parents and relatives: many of these cases involve potential kidnappings. Surprisingly, law enforcement and the media tend to downplay or overlook kidnapping concerns when there are plausible explanations available.

The sheer volume and consistent patterns in these cases demand our attention.

Unlocking Hidden Data:

Federal agencies possess a wealth of statistics and reports on missing individuals that require thorough examination and application to address this pervasive issue. CanAm Missing firmly believes in studying these resources intensively to inform future practices and investigations.

Their findings and insights have been compiled in the book “Missing 411,” which serves as a valuable resource for SAR coordinators and managers, urging them to delve into its pages.


CanAm Missing strives to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic disappearances plaguing North America’s wilderness. Their dedicated team of experts is determined to challenge the status quo, explore missing persons cases with renewed vigor, and advocate for a deeper understanding of these incidents.

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By shining a light on hidden data and encouraging collaboration among SAR professionals, CanAm Missing aims to bring solace to the families affected by these haunting mysteries and pave the way for more effective strategies in preventing and addressing missing persons cases.

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