Carmen Lorenzo – Acting Profile

Through my roles, I strive to reveal the unspoken truths of the human experience, blending raw intensity with subtle depth to leave a lasting impact on every audience.

About Carmen

  • Biography: From a background actor on ‘Law and Order’ to leading roles in major productions, Carmen Lorenzo’s journey in acting is marked by a relentless pursuit of challenging and diverse characters. A Meisner-trained actor, Carmen’s dedication to the craft is evident in every performance.
  • Training and Education: Studied Meisner Technique at William Alderson Acting Studio. Holds a BA from Rutgers University, minoring in theater (2010).
  • Personal Philosophy:

My acting approach, deeply personal and somewhat ineffable, is anchored in the Meisner technique, emphasizing genuine, moment-to-moment reactions.

It’s about uncovering truth in performance, responding naturally to each scene’s evolution. This method calls for a raw engagement with emotions, balanced by a disciplined focus.

While I can’t fully articulate my entire process, it’s guided by these principles and a keen observation of the subtleties in performances by greats like Brando and Hoffman. Their depth and authenticity inspire my craft.

I also draw on Stoic principles to navigate the unpredictability of acting. Accepting challenges as integral to the craft, I use them to deepen my understanding of the characters I portray. It’s usually not about intense emotional upheaval, but about portraying authentic human experiences with subtlety and strength.

In essence, my philosophy blends the authenticity of Meisner’s teachings with a grounded, resilient approach. It’s about being truthful in performance, yet measured and thoughtful in expression.

This guiding force behind my process is a tribute to the nuances and complexities of human emotion, as exemplified by the great talents I admire.

— Carmen Lorenzo, 2024


  • Film and Television:
  • Discovery+/HBO Max Production (Q1 2024) – Lead Role: “Larry”.
  • DharMann Productions (Dec 2023) – Featured Extra: NYE Restaurant Date.
  • “Equal Justice with Eboni K. Williams” (Dec 2023) – Role: Litigant, Defendant.
  • Police Sensitivity Training In Austin,” The Daily Show (2014) – Principal Role: Concerned Citizen
  • “Assassination of a High School President” (2008) – Background Role: High School Student
  • Other Projects:
  • Short Film (Nov 2023) – Principal Extra: Featured Protestor, directed by Matt J O’Leary.
  • Headshots: A selection of professional headshots showcasing different expressions and styles.

  • On-Set Photos:

  • Character Shots: Photos of Carmen in character from various roles – Coming Soon.

Reel – In Production

  • Acting Reel: A video montage of my most impactful scenes is currently in production.

  • Voice Acting Reel: A collection of videos featuring the voice of Carmen Lorenzo.
A warm homage to Banana Bread, done in the style of Anthony Bourdain.

An original work of science fiction I started working on.

An homage to peach cobbler.

A promo video for a sports fan site, right here on The Radical Scholar.

A promo video for an information hub centered around mortgage loans.

A promo video for short term rental properties.

A reading of Walt Whitman’s A Promise to California, set to music and visuals.

A reading of Nothing Gold Can Stay, by Robert Frost. Set to music and visuals.

A reading of Man In The Arena, by Teddy Roosevelt, set to music and visuals.

The first 10 minutes of Walking by Henry David Thoreau, set to music and visuals.


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  • From Director Julia Mendez: “Carmen? Oh, he’s fantastic. You know, he just gets into character and suddenly, the script comes alive. It’s like he’s not even acting. And off-camera, he’s just as amazing – always a team player.”
  • From Co-Actor Michael Thompson: “Working with Carmen is a blast. He’s got this energy that’s just contagious. On set, he’s always in the zone, but he’s also got this great sense of humor that keeps everyone relaxed. He’s the kind of actor who makes you up your game without even trying.”
  • From Casting Director Sarah Kim: “Every time Carmen walks into an audition, I sit up a little straighter. He’s got this presence, you know? And he’s so adaptable – can go from comedy to drama in a heartbeat. He’s always on my radar for roles.”
  • From Producer Richard Lee: “Carmen’s the kind of guy you want on your set. Professional, dedicated, and just… solid. He’s got this way of lifting everyone’s spirits and the quality of the work. He’s a big part of why our projects turn out so well.”
  • From Makeup Artist Emily Rivera: “Carmen’s a sweetheart. In the makeup chair, he’s always chatting and making everyone laugh. But he’s also super respectful and appreciative of what we do. It’s always a pleasure to have him in my chair.”
  • From Screenwriter Aaron Brooks: “Seeing Carmen bring my words to life is something else. He adds these nuances to the characters that I never even thought of. It’s like he knows them inside out. He’s a writer’s dream actor, honestly.”
  • From Stunt Coordinator Lisa Chang: “Carmen’s great with stunts. He’s got this enthusiasm – always ready to jump in and try things. But he’s also careful, always thinking about safety. Makes my job a lot easier and a lot more fun.”


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    • Instagram: @carmenrao_

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