Introducing the Talented NABS Team Members: Unsung Heroes of Bigfoot Research

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As the release of scientific data on NABS’s groundbreaking DNA study approaches, it’s time to shed light on the remarkable individuals who have been working diligently behind the scenes. These unsung heroes have contributed significantly to the Bigfoot research project without seeking public recognition or adulation. In this blog, we will introduce you to some of the best Sasquatch researchers in North America, who have dedicated their lives to unraveling the mysteries of the elusive hominid.

Dr. J. Robert Alley: The Sasquatch Anthropologist

Based in Alaska, Dr. Robert Alley is a retired professor of Anatomy and Physiology and has been a Sasquatch researcher since 1974. With degrees in anthropology, physical therapy, and chiropractic, Dr. Alley has extensive knowledge of sasquatches and their historical reports, Native beliefs, and behavioral patterns.

His book “Raincoast Sasquatch” provides a comprehensive introduction to sasquatches, focusing on their presence in the Pacific coastal rain forests.

Dr. Alley’s current research delves into the comparison of current and historical reports of sasquatches across Western Canada, Alaska, and Eastern Siberia, examining the possibility of these bipeds as a relict subspecies of fossil hominids.

Harvey Pratt: The Forensic Artist

Renowned as one of the leading forensic artists in the United States, Harvey Pratt brings his exceptional skills to NABS. With over 42 years of experience in law enforcement, Harvey has created thousands of witness description drawings and soft tissue reconstructions, aiding numerous arrests and identifications of unidentified human remains.

As NABS’ forensic artist, Harvey conducts interviews with witnesses and victims, ensuring their stories and drawings accurately represent their experiences. His artistic talents have played a crucial role in many high-profile cases, including those of notorious criminals like the Green River Killer and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Richard Hucklebridge: The Seasoned Investigator

With a diverse background in the U.S. Navy, law enforcement, and aerospace technology, Richard Hucklebridge brings a unique perspective to the field of Sasquatch research.

Based in California, Richard became intrigued by Sasquatch in the early 1970s when a group of these beings made their presence known in the Antelope Valley. After retiring, he joined a Bigfoot organization and conducted his own research in Southern Oregon.

Richard’s investigative skills and ability to listen to witnesses have led him to believe that these bipeds are a type of hominid. His valuable contributions have enriched the scientific research on Sasquatch.

Scott Carpenter: The Innovative Researcher

Scott Carpenter’s encounter with two juvenile hairy bipeds peering through his sliding glass door ignited his interest in Bigfoot research.

Although relatively new to the field, Scott has proven to be an innovative and forward-thinking researcher. Living near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee, Scott spends much of his time hiking and investigating various events in the park.

His research efforts have yielded significant results, particularly in video, audio, and photographic analysis. Scott’s expertise in computer science complements his research, and he works as a Systems Administrator for a Family Practice Group in Knoxville.

Rich Germeau: The Dedicated Witness Turned Investigator

Rich Germeau’s belief in Sasquatch was solidified when he encountered a giant hairy biped while working as a police officer in Washington State. Despite his reservations about becoming a “Bigfoot researcher,” Rich felt compelled to investigate further due to his investigative experience in law enforcement.

With 14 years of law enforcement experience, including being a detective at a western Washington sheriff’s office, Rich brings a valuable investigative perspective to NABS.

His dedication to understanding witness accounts and collecting evidence has been instrumental in advancing the field of Bigfoot research.

David Paulides and the Pursuit of Sasquatch Secrets

David Paulides is the Executive Director of the North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) and a prominent figure in the field of Sasquatch research. With a background in law enforcement, Paulides brings a unique perspective and investigative approach to the study of Bigfoot.

He is renowned for his meticulous research and data collection, as well as his dedication to uncovering the truth behind reported Sasquatch sightings. Through his work with NABS, Paulides has collaborated with numerous experts and witnesses, shedding light on the elusive hominid and challenging conventional beliefs.

His expertise and passion for the subject make him a valuable asset in the ongoing quest to understand the mysteries of Bigfoot.

final thoughts on the nabs team:

These remarkable individuals represent just a fraction of the talented team working tirelessly behind the scenes at NABS to further the understanding of Bigfoot. Their diverse backgrounds, skills, and expertise contribute to a multidisciplinary approach in Sasquatch research, combining anthropology, forensics, investigation, primatology, ecology, and audio analysis.

Although they often work in relative obscurity, their dedication and passion for unraveling the mysteries of the Sasquatch make them unsung heroes of the field. As the release of NABS’s DNA study approaches, their efforts will undoubtedly play a significant role in shedding light on the truth about the elusive hominid.

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