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Title: It Ain’t Easy Being Green

4 snaps. Yes, 4 snaps is all it took. Being a New York Jets fan is like signing up for a lifetime of emotional torture. For decades, the Green and White faithful have endured a seemingly endless cycle of disappointment, shattered dreams, and heartbreaking moments…

— Frank Costantino, Radical Sports Editor-in-Chief

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College Football Week 5 Best Bets

After an impressive week 4 slate we head into Week 5 with a not so impressive slate of games. In the betting world the type of games being played is almost irrelevant, and a poor slate of games is more the reason to place a wager! As far as Units being wagered, it’s up to … Read more

Frank’s Week 4 NFL Picks

After a rocky start in the first two weeks of NFL Pick ‘Em, where my record stood at a discouraging 9-22, Week 3 marked a turning point. I managed to pick 10 out of the 16 games correctly, boosting my season record to 19-28. This positive momentum has me feeling optimistic as we head into … Read more

Frank’s Week 3 NFL Picks

Well, another week, and my NFL picks are still having a rough time finding their groove. But hey, that’s the beauty of sports; they always keep you guessing. Our X Space Live recording session with Best Bets with Ryan was an absolute blast as we dove deep into the exciting world of NFL Week 3, … Read more

frank’s week 2 nfl picks

Week 1 was a humbling experience for myself in the world of NFL predictions, as I stumbled to a 5-11 record. It’s tough, given the inherent unpredictability of that first week. Teams are still finding their footing and you think you know, but you really don’t. Here’s to hoping for a more predictable path in … Read more

Frank’s Week 1 NFL Picks 2023

As the NFL season kicks off with a clean slate, I’m excited to share my picks for Week 1. With each matchup, I’ve carefully considered the spreads and team strengths to predict the outcomes. (Favorite in Bold) Matchup Frank’s Pick Final Spread Kansas City vs. Detroit Detroit 6.5 Atlanta vs. Carolina Carolina 3.5 Cincinnati vs. … Read more

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Radical Sports is more than just another sports platform. We challenge the status quo, diving deeper than anyone else to bring you the raw, unfiltered truth of sports.

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Running Clock Week 7 College Football Rankings

After a week off to enjoy some time in Vegas I’m back, not so refreshed, with this week’s rankings. Even more so exhausting was watching the Oregon Ducks travel to Washington to face the Huskies in what was the biggest game of the season thus far. Both these teams battled back and forth throughout the … Read more

Frank’s NFL Week 6 Picks

Welcome back to Week 6 of our Pick’em predictions! Last week brought a rollercoaster of emotions as we kicked things off on a high note but hit some rough patches in the later games, ending with a 6-8 record. With a current standing of 37-40, we’re teetering just below that elusive .500 mark. The stakes … Read more

College Football Week 6 Best Bets

Coming off a profitable week 5 where BYU and the JMU over took care of business from kickoff and Oregon after a slow start put the beat down we were expending on Stanford, we head into week 6 with some favorable lines we want to attack! Just a reminder as far as units are concerned … Read more

Frank’s Week 5 NFL Picks

In the words of Aerosmith, “I’m back in the saddle again!” I went 12-4 in week 4 which brings my season record up to 31-32 after starting 9-22 thru the first 2 weeks. I need to keep up the momentum this week to get over the 500. mark and it’s a tough slate of games … Read more

The Puck Stops Here: The 7 Best Hockey Films Ever Made

Hockey, with its lightning-fast pace and bone-crushing hits, has always been a source of inspiration for filmmakers looking to capture the intensity and passion of the sport on the big screen. Over the years, several remarkable hockey movies have skated their way into our hearts, offering a thrilling blend of on-ice action, heartfelt drama, and … Read more

Running Clock: Week 5 College Football Rankings

Last Week’s Recap Stop the clock! Apparently that wasn’t in the gameplan this week for Colorado when they saw themselves down 14 with 6 minutes left and no timeouts. The Buffaloes proceeded to waste time on every snap getting lined up as well as changing plays at the line of scrimmage. When they scored to … Read more

Jim Abbott’s Unforgettable No-Hitter: Defying the Odds in 1993

Legendary sports moments are etched in history not only for their brilliance, but also for the incredible stories that accompany them. One such moment that has stood the test of time is Jim Abbott’s remarkable no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians in 1993. This unforgettable game not only showcased Abbott’s exceptional talent but also his incredible … Read more

Running Clock: Week 4 College Football Rankings

Why not name this weekly article after the worst rule change in all of sports? A under bettors’ best friend and a college football fans worst nightmare this past off-season, the NCAA approved a rule change to keep the clock running on first downs and out of bounds plays besides the last 2 minutes of … Read more

Basketball on the Big Screen: 7 of the Greatest Hoop Films of All Time

We’ve already taken a look at our top movies for baseball and football, but when it comes to capturing the passion, intensity, and excitement of basketball on the silver screen, few sports can match the cinematic magic of the hardwood court. From dramatic tales of triumph to gritty stories of struggle, basketball movies have been … Read more

Time To Turn The Page On This Combo

Call it an overreaction Monday, or a rant by a die hard emotional, frustrated Jets fan, but the season has gotten off to a disappointingly familiar start, marked by yet another loss to their perennial rivals, the New England Patriots. To throw salt in the wound, it extends an agonizing streak of 15 consecutive defeats … Read more

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