The Dreamy Evolution of Turnover: A Deep Dive into the Band’s Musical Odyssey

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When it comes to indie music, few bands have made as profound an impact on the genre as Turnover. Hailing from Virginia Beach, Virginia, this trio has been captivating audiences with their dreamy, nostalgic sound since their formation in 2009.

Over the years, Turnover has undergone a remarkable musical evolution, transitioning from their pop-punk roots to create music that defies easy categorization, earning them a dedicated and growing fanbase.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Turnover’s journey and the unique musical landscape they’ve crafted along the way.

Chapter 1: The Early Years – Pop-Punk Roots

Turnover’s inception was firmly rooted in the pop-punk scene. Formed by brothers Austin and Casey Getz, along with vocalist and bassist Nick DiVincenzo, the band initially embraced the energetic and angsty sound that defined the genre in the early 2010s.

Their debut album, “Magnolia” (2013), was a quintessential pop-punk record, filled with catchy hooks and emotionally charged lyrics. Songs like “Shiver” and “Most of the Time” showcased their youthful exuberance and promise.

Chapter 2: Peripheral Vision – A Pivotal Moment

It was with their second album, “Peripheral Vision” (2015), that Turnover began to reveal a new dimension of their artistry. This album marked a significant departure from their pop-punk roots, adopting a more dreamy and ethereal sound.

Tracks like “Diazepam” and “New Scream” showcased a band exploring new sonic territory, incorporating elements of shoegaze and indie rock. The album received critical acclaim and introduced Turnover to a broader audience.

Chapter 3: Good Nature – The Evolution Continues

In 2017, Turnover released “Good Nature,” solidifying their departure from pop-punk. This album fully embraced a dream-pop sound, characterized by lush, reverb-soaked guitars, and Austin Getz’s soothing vocals.

Songs like “Super Natural” and “Sunshine Type” exuded a tranquil and laid-back vibe, transporting listeners to a serene sonic landscape. “Good Nature” was a testament to Turnover’s commitment to artistic growth and their ability to craft music that resonated with genuine emotion.

Chapter 4: Altogether – An Exploration of Minimalism

“Altogether,” released in 2019, continued Turnover’s exploration of new sonic territories. This album embraced minimalism and experimentation, with a focus on atmosphere and mood.

Tracks like “Still In Motion” and “Parties” displayed a mature and introspective side of the band, and the use of electronic elements added depth to their sound. Turnover was evolving not only as musicians but also as storytellers, drawing listeners into their introspective world.

Chapter 5 : Myself In The Way

Turnover’s latest album, “Myself in the Way,” marks another evolution in their musical journey. Known for their ability to transform and experiment with their sound, the band has shifted from gritty guitars to smooth melodies, creating a unique style enriched with saxophone embellishments and synths.

While their previous work, like “Peripheral Vision” and “Good Nature,” explored moody escapism and optimism, this new album appears to grapple with themes of self-sabotage and commitment.

Guest vocalists provide some highlights, but the overall impression is one of emotional detachment. The album’s most striking moment comes in “Mountains Made of Clouds,” where the band briefly strips away the layers of production, allowing the listener to experience a raw and intimate connection to the music.

While the album may not reach the heights of some of Turnover’s previous work, it still offers a glimpse into the band’s ever-changing sonic landscape.


The musical journey of Turnover is a testament to the power of artistic evolution. From their pop-punk beginnings to their dream-pop and indie explorations, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of their sound.

Their ability to capture emotion and nostalgia in their music has endeared them to fans young and old, making them a band that will undoubtedly continue to inspire and resonate with listeners for years to come.

As Turnover continues to evolve and experiment with their sound, their influence on the indie music landscape becomes increasingly evident. Their dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere has left an indelible mark on the genre, inspiring countless artists to explore the intersection of indie, shoegaze, and dream-pop.

Turnover’s story is a reminder that growth and experimentation are essential ingredients in the creation of timeless and impactful music. For more information and Turnover tour dates, visit their website here

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