The Game of Power: Law 34 – Be Royal in Your Own Fashion

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Welcome back to our series on “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. In this blog post, we will explore Law 34: “Be Royal in Your Own Fashion: Act Like a King to Be Treated Like One.” This law emphasizes the importance of projecting an air of regality and self-respect to command respect and influence others. Join us as we delve into the principles of this law and discover how historical examples showcase the power of adopting a royal demeanor in the pursuit of power.

  1. Cultivate Self-Respect:
    Law 34 highlights the significance of cultivating self-respect. The way you carry yourself and present yourself to others will shape how they perceive and treat you. By projecting confidence, dignity, and an aura of regality, you set the stage for others to regard you in a similar light.

Historical Example: Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I of England is a prime example of someone who embodied regal behavior. She exuded a powerful presence, dressed impeccably, and displayed a commanding demeanor. By maintaining her royal stature, she earned the respect and admiration of her subjects, enhancing her influence and consolidating her power.

  1. Act with Confidence:
    To be treated like a king, you must act like one. Confidence in your abilities and decisions is essential in gaining the respect and loyalty of others. By projecting an air of certainty and self-assurance, you inspire confidence in those around you, making them more inclined to follow your lead.

Historical Example: Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte, the renowned military and political leader of France, possessed unwavering confidence in his actions and abilities. His self-assured demeanor allowed him to inspire and motivate his troops, rallying them to achieve remarkable victories on the battlefield. Napoleon’s confidence in his own leadership abilities played a crucial role in his rise to power and dominance in Europe.

  1. Embrace Individuality:
    Law 34 encourages embracing your unique qualities and expressing yourself in your own distinct fashion. By being true to your authentic self and standing out from the crowd, you establish yourself as a leader and attract attention and admiration.

Historical Example: Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France before the French Revolution, was known for her extravagant and unique style. She set fashion trends and created a distinctive image for herself, which both fascinated and polarized the French people. While her choices eventually contributed to her downfall, Marie Antoinette’s ability to captivate attention and assert her individuality exemplifies the power of embracing one’s own fashion in the pursuit of power.

Law 34, “Be Royal in Your Own Fashion: Act Like a King to Be Treated Like One,” underscores the importance of cultivating self-respect, acting with confidence, and embracing individuality. By projecting regal behavior and commanding respect, you can influence others and establish yourself as a powerful figure. Historical examples remind us of the impact of embodying royal qualities in the pursuit of power.

Make sure to stay tuned for the next blog in our series, where we will explore Law 35: “Master the Art of Timing.”

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